Personal Engineering Values

I’m at a point in my career where I’m comfortable being myself professionally. I know what my limitations are, where I can improve and where I want to go with my career. I don’t push for technology just because I want to use it. I’m not worried about being the person that slings tons of code because I know that someone has to maintain it. I’m happiest when I can simplify a problem and remove code. I’m mostly concerned about making sure that I can communicate honestly and openly when working on problems.

I actually feel like a pretty good developer now!

That may seem like a trite statement, but in a field full of posturing and ‘ninja-rockstar-ness’, it’s fairly empowering to say that and embrace it.

This is something that has to be cultivated though. The process - at the moment - is sticking with a few intentional steps.

  • level up when I can in my spare time
  • make the right decisions for the day job
  • don’t try to be anyone other than myself
  • stay humble
  • be appreciative
  • stay involved in the local community
  • try to do progressively more difficult things

I’m hoping to use this site for keeping myself accountable and sharing things that I learn.

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